Reach Higher with New High Lumen Fixtures

NEW high lumen output fixtures from Alliance help you reach new levels of lighting performance.

Get the impressive impact you need to light tall trees, flagpoles, and multi-story structures.

All “95 Series” fixtures offer:

  • 11 watt, 1200 lumen, 3000K powerful LED light engine
  • 40-degree beam spread
  • Match line-voltage fixture performance with a low-voltage fixture
  • Contractor-friendly installation


High Lumen Accent / UpLight

  • Uplight trees up to 40’ height, graze tall buildings and structures
  • Adjustable and aimable to direct light where it’s needed.


High Lumen In-Ground Well Light

  • Uplight trees, columns, flagpoles
  • Install into hardscape surfaces or tree wells


High Lumen Underwater Light

  • For larger water features, waterfalls and cascades, or multi-tier fountains
  • Submersible, includes versatile weighted base for stability and aiming

Experience the impact on your next project. All models are available now.

Download PDF Brochure