Demo Kit


A demo kit is a great way to expand your lighting business. Setup the kit for the customer to show how great lighting enhances the way they experience their property at night. Expand your demo kit to show different applications of lighting.


DEMOKIT8-bt Includes:
- DOE Compliant
(bt Demonstration Kit)

  • (6) BL200-bt
  • (2) ALSTEM12-bt
  • (2) AL100 Hats
  • (1) bt-RE
  • (1) TF150 Transformer
  • (2) Wire Splitters
  • (12) Extra Connectors
  • Storage Case

DEMOKIT8 Includes:
(LED Demonstration Kit)

  • (6) BL200-LED4W
  • (2) ALSTEM12-LED
  • (2) AL100 Area Light Hats
  • (1) TF150 Transformer
  • (2) Wire Splitters
  • (12) Extra Connectors
  • Storage Case
Quick connects on every wire lead, for an easy and fast connection.

Demo Kit Features:

  • Our industry first double wire leads: fixtures with two 16 awg (UL Listed) brown wire leads pre-connected to the fixture, one 18” and one 25’ in length.
  • Quick connecting adapters at each wire end making connections fast and easy (not intended for in ground burial)
  • A TF150 transformer with an 18” wire lead pre-connected with quick connect adapter
  • A compact storage case making the kit easy to store and transport
  • Extra quick connectors