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BT ALLY App-Controlled RGBW Lamps


Add the control capabilities of Alliance’s BT System to existing lighting fixtures with BT Ally drop-in lamps. Like BT fixtures, these lamps offer RGB color adjustability, tunable white and dimming capability.

Dimming: From 1% to 100% to dramatically change the appearance and make overall lighting more pleasing.

Color temperature control: Tune individual fixture output infinitely from warm 2700K to silvery moonlight 4000K. Amplify architectural colors and tones. Invigorate vegetation. Emulate moonlight.

RGB color control: Paint a landscape with rich, colorful light. Choose from up to 30,000 different custom colors, plus easy pre-set colors.

Grouping: Create custom lighting schemes to suit specific times of day, ac-tivities, moods or events. Adjust fixture color and dimming to create romantic, festive or relaxing scenes. Celebrate family events, holidays, sporting events with customized color.

Individual lamp on/off from app


Operates with: Alliance BT app from any mobile device (phone, tablet) with either iOS or Android

Operating Voltage: 10-14 volts

CRIRa: Greater than 80

Rated hours: 30,000

Ambient operating temperature: Less than 160F

How to Specify

BT-ALLY-MR16MR16 RGB CCT lampAdjustable 2 - 4 watts10-430 lumens40° degree flood
BT-ALLY-G4G4 RGB CCT lampAdjustable 1 - 2.5 watts 10-250 lumens360° degree
BT-ALLY-PAR36PAR36 RGB CCT lampAdjustable 2 - 7 watts 15-460 lumens45° degree flood