Designer Level Fixture Mounting Options

Move your designs above and beyond stake-mounted fixtures. Place fixtures in creative places to achieve dramatically superior lighting effects. Learn about 4 designer-level mounting options including our newest tree mounting.



New Tree-Mounting Box

Technique: Hide fixtures up high and aim downward. Create dappled downlighting by attaching to tree limbs and shining beams through leaves. Spotlight stairs, artwork or architecture from above.

Technical: Cast-aluminum junction box attaches to a tree or pole with adjustable lag screws, holds ½” threaded downlight. Can be adjusted to accommodate tree growth. Splices are made inside waterproof box, allowing daisy-chaining between fixtures (only one cable run up the trunk).

Model: TREEMOUNT (Premium Black Overcoat finish)



Round Mounting Base

Technique: Attaches ½” NPT base fixtures to any horizontal or vertical surface including walls, fences, decks, docks, posts, and pergolas. Affix fixtures where you need them.
Technical: Color-matched base with 3 wood screws (or supply your own specialty anchors). Exit slot for wire.

Models: RMB (Aged Brass), RMB-BLK (Premium Black Overcoat)



Permapost Stabilized-Ground Mount

Technique: Particular about perfectly-plumb fixtures? Clumsy clunks in high-traffic areas knock fixtures out of essential aiming. Permapost keeps position. Recommended for commercial sites.

Technical: Solid! Central post is 18.5” depth x 3” diameter with array of stabilizing fins to anchor in soil. Brass locking nut
and cap accepts ½” MPT fixture.




Gutter Mounting Bracket

Technique: Light the upper parts of a façade. Including dormers and gables is essential. Concealing low-voltage wiring in gutters is a well-known time saver.

Technical: Concealed bracket holds accent or mini-wash. No need to disturb roof surface to attach.


Experience the impact on your next project. All models are available now.

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