More Range Extenders for Faster Installations

Alliance's bt System brings powerful control capabilities to residential lighting. Using the app, the property owner can customize lighting effects to suit activities, moods or events.

The system uses Bluetooth mesh technology to build a reliable communication network throughout the property to carry the app commands to each fixture.

Range extenders are a MUST for every BT System to operate reliably. Always include them in your installation. They repeat and strengthen the mesh network.

Range extenders help overcome common losses of signal strength from physical obstructions (buildings, fences, etc.), intermittent interference (static, noise, magnetic fields, etc.), weather and more.

Installing range extenders ensures your whole installation operates reliably. For convenience, three different range extender models are offered to accommodate different places in the landscape.



Stake Mounted, Installs in Planting Beds

Wires into the cable path between fixtures. Nestles among landscape foliage.

Do not place behind physical obstructions like walls, stones, etc.

Includes ground stake, features 8" high-gain antenna.



Surface Mounted, Attaches to Hardscape

Attaches to exterior walls, fences, and other hardscape elements.

Ideal for areas where there is a lot of pavement and/or elevation change.

Convenient mounting ears.



Used to Carry Signal to Indoor Spaces

Plugs into a standard 110V indoor outlet.

Allows signal to be carried from indoor spaces to outdoor system.

Essential for most residential clients.

Tips for Installing Range Extenders

  1. Triangulate bt range extenders so that each has a line of sight to at least 2 other range extenders.
  2. Signal strength is aided by elevation. Always install higher, where possible. With ground-stake models use a RISER.
  3. Each bt fixture has an antenna. Leave these exposed. Do not cut, bury, or tuck into lids/knuckles, etc.
  4. Set Up secured network(s) in the app. These block those without permission from accessing the bt system, and separate fixtures. Range extenders are assigned to a single specific secure network.
  5. Review operation with the property owner. Test from common control points: indoors, outdoor seating areas, building entrances, garages.

Learn More About Installation & Range Extenders

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