it2 Intelligent Transformer, Controls with App

NEW FOR 2024
Control and schedule lighting right from your phone
Connects with either WiFi or Bluetooth®
Manages up to 3 lighting zones

Alliance IT Pro App Convenience

  • Visual, on-screen set-up. Program schedules for each zone.
  • Create custom clock-based or dusk/dawn schedules, including multiple events in a 24-hour period. Automatic astronomic timing adjusts for seasonal changes.
  • Convenient on/off remote control anytime, for any zone.
  • Enable voice control with Amazon Alexa®.
  • Share usage with multiple family members.
  • Connects with Bluetooth or WiFi. WiFi is not required, but may expand range depending on homeowner’s network. When transformer is connected to the cloud, it can be managed from anywhere in the world.
  • Settings saved in the transformer and in the cloud in case of
    power interruption.

Control Up to 3 Different Zones

  • Set different types of lighting to different
    schedules to accommodate activities. For
    • Zone 1: façade lights
    • Zone 2: landscape lights
    • Zone 3: walkway lights
  • Create different zone-based themes for security,
    visitors, entertaining, etc. Saves energy too.
  • Connect each zone’s cable run to the specific
    designated terminal.

Contractor-Friendly Installation

  • Easy-hang stainless enclosure with large wiring
    compartment, multiple knock-outs and angled terminal
    block. Enclosure latch accommodates user-supplied
    padlock, if desired.
  • Manual on/off button allows maintenance checks without
    accessing app.
  • Contractor can establish lighting schedule on his phone,
    then push settings to homeowner’s device.
  • Monitor electrical loads and easily troubleshoot faults
    using digital power meter in the app.

Detailed Features and Specifications

• Large, integrated disc antenna for optimum range.
• Wi-Fi 802.11b, 2.4GHz and Bluetooth® 5 connections. Can integrate with Amazon Alexa® for voice control.
• IT Pro app is compatible with iOS or Android devices.
• 120 volt input, output 3 - 14V taps, one per zone.
• Do not exceed rated load of transformer. Total load may be portioned out to the different zone taps, or allocated to a single tap. (Example: 150-watt transformer can have 100 watts on zone 1 and 25 watts on zone 2 and 3; or 150 watts just on zone 1)
• 5’ grounded heavy-gauge power cord
• Internal 25A breaker
• ETL Listed to U.S. & Canadian safety standards for low voltage landscape lighting (UL 1838)

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